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Original Compositions

The music for all of these pieces is original. If the title is one from the Church's hymnbook, the words are taken from that hymn, but the melodies and harmonies will not be familiar.

Again Our Dear Redeeming Lord

Hymn Format

Church Music Submission (2015-Hymns), Finalist.

And He Shall Be Called Jesus Christ

30 minute Cantata

Come, Let Us Anew


All parts (SSAATB) are required on the last verse.

Easter Morn, Sing Alleluia!


This anthem requires a strong choir.

Eye Hath Not Seen


Text is from 1 Corinthians 2: 9-11, 13

Faith of Our Fathers

Hymn Format


Gloria in excelsis Deo. Need a strong choir.


Great God To Thee My Evening Song

Hymn Format

He Is Risen

The very end breaks into 7 parts (SSAATTB) for the last few notes. The text is from the hymn.

Church Music Submission (2019-Anthems), Special Recognition.


How Firm a Foundation


8 parts are written for a couple of measures towards the end; SATB covers the rest. 


Church Music Submission (2009-Hymn Arrangements, 2010-Anthems), Special Recognition. Published at

I Am a Disciple of Jesus Christ

Tenor Solo

3 Nephi 5:13

Baritone Solo

I Am the Resurrection and the Life


Text is from John 11:25

I Believe In Christ

Soprano/Tenor Duet (in D) with flute

New setting for the hymn text. New 08/2022.

Duet (in C) with flute

SATB with flute

I Need My Heav'nly Father

Vocal Solo

This is not the same as the one found in the Children's Songbook.

I Stand All Amazed

Vocal Solo, Optional Flute

Soprano Duet, Optional Flute

Jesus, Lover of My Soul

Hymn Format

Lord, Accept Our True Devotion

Hymn Format

The meter of this hymn is 878787. Other hymns that have the same meter and may be sung to this tune (or the words from any of these may be sung to the tune of any of the others) include:

Israel, Israel, God Is Calling;  Joseph Smith's First Prayer;  Lo, The Mighty God Appearing;  Lord, Dismiss Us With Thy Blessing;  Come, Thou Glorious Day of Promise (repeat the last line);  Dearest Children, God Is Near You (repeat the last line);  Zion Stands with Hills Surrounded (repeat the last line)


O My Father


This is a new setting for the hymn. Since it still has a strong triplet feel I still show the original composer on the sheet music. But if you are looking for an arrangement that preserves the original melody, this is not it.

Praise Ye the Lord


Text is from Psalms 148. This is the first choral anthem I ever composed. It took me 5 years.

Sing Noel!

Church Music Submission (2020-Anthems). Award of Distinction. This song was also performed at the 2021 Church Music Festival, "Peace, Peace, Be Still." Sing Noel! (


Star O'er Bethlehem

This song was composed, words and music, by Ramon E. (Bud) Chapman.

Church Music Submission (2012-Anthems), Finalist.


Still Was the Night

Church Music Submission (2013-Songs), Special Recognition for the soprano solo.


Soprano Solo

Soprano Duet

The Father, Son and Holy Ghost

Primary Song.

In Major Key

In Minor Key

The Lord My Pasture Will Prepare

Church Music Submission (2014-Anthems), Special Recognition for SAB published at Music Playlist (


There is a difference in the piano accompaniment for the versions that do not include the flute. Some of the flute lines have been incorporated into the piano part.

SAB with Flute


Vocal Solo with Flute

Vocal Solo

Thirty Pieces of Silver


This Is In Remembrance


Text is from Matthew 26: 24-25 (JST); 26 - 28.

Though Deepening Trials

Hymn Format

Unto Us A Child Is Born

Solo 10/19/18

SAB 10/2/19

SAB with Flute

Vocal Solo with Flute

Vocal Solo

Upon the Cross of Calvary

SSAATTBB with Soprano Solo

We Sing in the Choir

Hymn Format

This new hymn was inspired by Jeffrey R. Holland's conference address in April, 2017, "Songs Sung and Unsung"

We'll Sing All Hail to Jesus' Name

Hymn Format

When Our Lord Came to Earth


This song was composed, words and music, by Ramon E. (Bud) Chapman.

Yet Will I Not Deny

SSATB, Baritone Solo, Tenor Solo

Text is from Matthew 26: 32 - 35  

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