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Organ Hymn Preludes

The arrangements below are fairly simple in construction. The registrations shown are for the Allen Organ in our chapel. You will want to use accompaniment and solo registrations specific to your organ. I have not indicated any tremolo in these registrations. The audio here is not of performance quality but will give you an idea of the arrangement.

Cast Thy Burden upon the Lord (Prelude)

Hymn #110, 2 verses. Time: 2:15

Come, Follow Me (Prelude)

Hymn #116, 5 verses. Verses 2,4 and 5 do not follow the original melody. Time: 3:34

Come, Let Us Sing an Evening Hymn (Prelude)

Hymn #167, 3 verses. Time: 1:45

Come, Rejoice (Postlude)

Hymn #9, 3 verses. Time: 2:14

Come, Sing to the Lord (Prelude or Postlude)

Hymn #10, 3 verses. Time: 1:27

Come, Ye Disconsolate (Prelude)

Hymn #115, 3 verses. Time: 2:15

Dearest Children, God Is Near You (Prelude)

Hymn #96, 2 verses. Time: 1:53

God Is Love (Prelude)

Hymn #87, 3 verses. Time: 3:51

Great God Attend/ As the Dew (Prelude)

Hymns 88 and 149, 3 verses. Time: 2:33

How Wondrous and Great (Postlude)

Hymn #267, 3 verses. Time: 1:40

In Humility, Our Savior (Prelude or Postlude)

Hymn #172, 2 verses. Time: 3:13

Israel, Israel, God Is Calling (Prelude)

Hymn #172, 2 verses. Time: 3:13

Jesus, Lover of My Soul (Prelude)

Hymn #102, 3 verses. Time: 2:26

Jesus, the Very Thought of Thee (Prelude)

Hymn #141, 4 verses. Time: 2:15

Praise the Lord with Heart and Voice (Prelude)

Hymn #73, 3 verses. Time: 2:27

Praise to the Lord, the Almighty (Postlude)

Hymn #72, 3 verses. Time: 2:22

Precious Savior, Dear Redeemer (Prelude)

Hymn #103, 3 verses. Time: 2:10

Sweet Hour of Prayer (Prelude)

Hymn #142, 2 verses. Time: 2:23

Sweet Is the Peace the Gospel Brings (Prelude or Postlude)

Hymn #14, 5 verses. Verses 3 and 4 do not follow the original melody. Time: 1:58

The Lord Is My Shepherd (Prelude)

Hymn #108, 3 verses. 2nd verse does not follow the original melody. Time: 2:46

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