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This page has been replaced. Please click "Original Compositions" in the menu above for the current version.

Original Compositions

The music for all of these pieces is original. If the title is one from the Church's hymnbook, the words are taken from that hymn, but the melodies and harmonies will not be familiar.

To access the download page for the arrangement, please click the title.

How Firm a Foundation (SSAATTBB)
Church Music Submission (2009-Hymn Arrangements, 2010-Anthems), Special Recognition.

Star O'er Bethlehem (SSAATB)  Words and Music by Ramon E. (Bud) Chapman.
Church Music Submission (2012-Anthems), Finalist.

When Our Lord Came to Earth (SATB) Words and Music by Ramon E. (Bud) Chapman.

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